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Having a little confidence …

Confidence. So many times confidence gets confused with arrogance that we decided not to take a chance on a dream. At times, we believe that pursing our dream that means we’re thinking a little more highly of our abilities and talents than we should, especially when it comes to writing. We’re afraid to believe that our words are good enough for others to read. To submit to contests. To agents. To publishers.

Have faith in yourself today. No regrets. Take the next step … whether it is joining a critique group, entering a contest, sending out a query, submitting your book. Whatever your dream is … your goal … give yourself the chance to try.

Now, a little plug for a writing organization near and dear to my heart … the West Virginia Writer’s Inc. Since 1982, the organization has sponsored a writing contest to help encourage and recognize writers of all ages. The WV Writers Annual Writing contest is accepting entries from January 2 – March 15, 2011, with a late entry period of March 16 -31. To enter, you must be either a resident of West Virginia or a current member of West Virginia Writers, Inc. There is also the New Mountain Voices contest for students in elementary through high school.

More details can be found at:


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