Worst Cooks in America

Yes, you might be one of the world’s worst cooks in America … but that doesn’t mean to have to stay one. That is what I love most about this show on the Food Network; it empowers people to learn a new skill. No one has to remain in the place of not knowing or even being the worst. There is hope for everyone as long as there is a willingness to change inside of them. Admitting a weakness to others isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s making ourselves vulnerable, allowing the world to see that we aren’t perfect … or even at times not even adequate. Hard to do in a society that places so much on perfection and where we’re judged based on how we measure up to others.

The people that try out for show leave me in awe. Not just that they’re willing to tell the whole world that they are the worst, but the fact that they are willing to do the hard work to learn a new skill. They face failure in order to get to success. It leaves me wondering how many times has the fear of failure stopped me from even trying for success.

Sometimes success and accomplishment isn’t about being the best, winning the top prize, or even coming in first … it resides with trying.


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