Define Yourself

Labels. They seem to be prevalent everywhere, attached to everything. I see this topic come up over and over again on message boards, in churches, schools, television, and in the community. The one recurring ‘mantra’ that bothers me the most is the belief that if a person is labeled … especially children … that those negative words will follow them. Their self-esteemed will be based on those words.  Their lives … world … will be drastically altered if labeled.

This concerns me because in order to stop the problem, a bigger problem is created. If children hear these sentiments and have them drilled into their minds, how will they overcome these issues? How will they have hope that they can be more? That their lives will get better? How will they find the strength to start knowing and living a life beyond what others believe they are? What others have said they are?

All through life, unfortunately, people are going to try and tell us who we are. Don’t give anyone that power. Only allow yourself to define you. Remember that others’ opinions aren’t facts.  No matter how loud, how often, or to however many others they say it to– it’s not the absolute truth of who you are. And they can’t turn their wrong opinions into facts just by stating it is so. Don’t let anyone make you believe that. Go out there and become who you want to be. Who you know you are. Write your own autobiography instead of allowing others to write an unauthorized biography about you … and then buying it.

Take back control. Don’t listen to opinions and believe they are facts.


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