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The Importance of Page Numbers

It is that fabulous time of creating a book … the first edit. Since I borrow my husband’s printer (mine has decided to permanently give my computer the silent treatment), I print out the manuscript in stages so as not to tie up the printer when he’s working. At times, this can be slightly annoying as I have to keep going to the other side of the house to get to the printer. On the plus side, it is good exercise.

And on the bigger plus side, I don’t have 340 pages all out of order with no page numbers. I only have fifty. Fifty pages are a lot easier to go through and rearrange than 340. I shudder at the thought. So far, I know which is the title and the first page of Chapter One since … well … it says Chapter One in a bold font that is centered on the page. So, two out of fifty pages are in the right order. Forty-eight more to go.

Of course, not scattering the pages all over the place would’ve been an easier way to keep them in order but alas that was a little out of my control since the printer decided to shoot a few of the pages out of the printer quite a far distance. Quite impressive actually. But in trying to gather all the sheets of paper at the same time, I landed up dropping a few more and creating more of a puzzle. Hmm … maybe I’ll just read the pages in the order they are currently in first and see how the story is played. I am in the editing stage. Maybe, must maybe, the pages know best.


One thought on “The Importance of Page Numbers

  1. ‘Gotta love those first drafts! I was in the process of inserting the handwritten edits when I had an “A-ha!” moment. I realized I needed to add a scene or two and change something major to make the story better. It’s all worth it when you come out with a great book, though. I always use page numbers, though. LOL

    Good luck!

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