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Projects and More Projects

Editing a contracted book.  Quilting a princess blanket. School. Financial duties. Planning for a conference. Reading. Getting ready for another conference. Revising and editing for a re-release of a book long out of print. (okay seven years probably not that long but longer than my mind had grasped at the time) Finding a cover artist. Not to mention the other items that come up during the routine day of maintaining a household, raising teens, spending time with a spouse. Then there’s the children’s mystery that I loved to find a home for.

Some many projects and not enough time to do it all … well at least do it all correctly. Some of the items, I decided to do make the wisest choice (though more expensive) and hire out. Cover artist I am not. I’ve found a great cover artist that I know will do a fantastic job. He’s encouraging me to think big on and let him know all my wishes, even those elements that I’m not sure can be done, and we’ll go from there. I’ve also hired an editor for the reissue of my out-of-print title. Since I’ve rewritten a good portion of the book (retyped the rest by taking apart the actual book as I had no updated computer file), I decided that hiring an editor would be the best choice. My eye has a tendency to read what I know I wrote instead of what I actually wrote.

One of the other decisions I’ve had to make was putting the children’s book to the side for the time being. With a contract for five romantic suspense books and then deciding to re-issue a paranormal detective novel, one of the areas I’m writing in needs to take a back seat for a little. I need to concentrate on the other two to ensure they are the best books that I can write. I know I can manage two but am not sure about three. Plus, I don’t want to always feel like I’m juggling and need to have time to read and pursue my hobbies. I always find that I can work better when my brain is allowed to disengage from the task of writing and editing and focus on something that is done ‘for fun’.


One thought on “Projects and More Projects

  1. I sooo know what you mean. I did the same thing with my book. I hired a cover artist, Francesca Zometa (, from a design contest I ran on It was great. I got great feed back from friends. Then I hired an editor as well, Beth Barany ( I can’t tell you how invaluable her advice and guidance have been.

    I’ve found that organization and moderation is key and scheduling is a requirement or you will soon lose track of things.

    Check me out at or Facebook at

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