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Off to Gather Inspiration

Wow. I can’t believe how much time has passed since I last posted. I thought it was just last week but it’s actually been almost two weeks. My schedule has kept me busy the last few weeks. Wrapping up schooling. Preparing for conference. Treasury business and duties. Research for the next book. Preparing for conference. The annual purge through the books and other items I seem to have bought just to store. And well … yes … getting ready for the conference. Because of my other duties this year, it’s taking me longer to get everything together. Or else it just feels that way because I’ve been triple checking every hour for the last few days to make sure I have everything.

The one item that has gotten pushed from my to do list is writing. And I miss it. So, now I know I’m at the stage to start working on the next project. At the end of some projects, I can feel burn out and question why am I doing this. Is my time best used doing something else? Breaks have a way of reminding me very clearly why I do this … I love it. It’s a part of me. In a way … who I am. I start to get a little antsy when I can’t. I even start to dream … not about the book, the characters, or the plot but just about the writing. Typing away at my keyboard. Nothing specific just the actual action. Yes, it’s time to start the next book. I’m anticipating the start, but before that new Chapter One starts to take shape on Monday, it’s time to head out and gather some much needed inspiration.

The end of this week is the perfect way to help reinforce my love of writing and getting back in gear. I leave in about an hour for the West Virginia Writers Conference in Ripley. There’s something inspiring about being with a group of writers. They understand the doubts, the frustration, the joy and the love that is all mixed into the craft of writing and in the publishing business.  I always come home from the conference feeling inspired, ready to create and most important feeling connected. I think that being able to spend quality time with my friends is just as important … if not more so … than the workshops on techniques.

I know it’s not just new knowledge that I’ll bring home with me but also encouragement and cheering to help me through the next year of the uncertainty of trying to make it in the publishing field. Sometimes I’m not sure what I’m doing, if I’m doing it right, or if I even have the ability … but not after this weekend. I always leave Ripley feeling empowered, capable and ready to take on the writing world and the next project. And at times, that feeling is the most important take away from a conference.


One thought on “Off to Gather Inspiration

  1. The Stages Of Me
    Hello I am a new author and new blogger ~ If anyone would like to give input on improving my blog, share some discussion and or check out my book, I would be honored. My book was a decision inspired by faith, given to me by God. It is my story not unlike your stories but, I am thankful to be able to share it and hopefully help or inspire others in times of trials. Thanks for any input good or bad because all is helpful for personal growth.
    ~ I have to say I have witnessed some beautiful Godly things as of late. Is it me or are some people becoming a little less guarded and actively following God’s plan for them. To wake up and say good morning to a brand new day a day for me to give myself completely to God’s plan for me. This is the least I can do as He gave the CROSS. No gift, no human word, no act of work will measure up. I can however try to be a little like Christ. I can be open and compassionate and available and a good listener. I can use talents given to promote healing of brothers and sisters and give love and gentleness to those who do not yet know God and the plan He has for their life~ Maybe for your life~ Be open. In my Stages I have learned to listen intently for the Holy Spirit and sometimes it is so surreal and clear ~ one must be open to direction at all times then the results are so amazing…

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