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The Quilt

Between editing two books and helping my daughter plan a wedding (I’ve just been a tad bit busy), I’ve been making a princess quilt for my little princess. Sometimes I felt guilty working on the quilt, knowing that I had two books in the editing stages but found the ‘brain’ break was just what I needed. I needed that creative outlet where I was just creating, not fixing or obsessing about every word choice, I needed that time for free flow. So out came the quilt.

(front of quilt)

I’ve made quilts that had a more intricate design and required more concentration but for this one I went with something simple and found it was just what I needed. There was something about the steady hum of the sewing machine and the beat of the needle going up and down that created a calm in my spirit. I could feel the anxiety of completing two books and all the other ‘to do’s’ on my list leave. Watching the needle go up and down as I moved the fabric under the needle was hypnotizing and added to the soothing effect. I was glad that I decided to go with a more simple design.

The quilting turned into a way to help me relax and rejuvenate rather than taking a lot of focus and time. I was so thrilled to have a completed project and one that is so loved and enjoyed by the owner of the princess quilt.

(back of quilt)


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