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The Making of a Playlist

Okay, I’m probably over thinking this … who am I kidding, I am over thinking this. It’s a bad habit of mine and why I get stalled on so many projects and/or it takes me twice as long to get everything done. Does it really matter if I have my exercise playlist in the perfect order the first time I use it. This project did get  a little easier when my very helpful husband let me in on a key secret … I can rearrange the items on my items playlist once they are on there. For some reason, I thought (complicated the mission) I had to put everything in the order I wanted from the get go.

Now on to selection and rearranging into proper order. I want the music to help build up the pace of my biking/walking … from warm-up, the ‘super-fast’ (yes, my technical term for it), to the cool-down. Unfortunately, in trying to find the right mix and order (because it has to, you know, be perfect), I have worn out a couple of my favorite songs and no longer get that drive from them. Sigh. 

I’m trying to locate some new songs to add to my playlist. I don’t listen to music on the radio as often as I use to, one of the things is I don’t have a radio downstairs so listen to what’s on my iTunes account. And since music with lyrics is a distraction when I’m writing, editing, or reading, I stick to classical music. Not really helpful with picking up the pace when I exercise. Now, one of my daughters would gladly give me some recommendations but I don’t think I really want to hear some of the songs she’s listening as the lyrics might be a little shocking for me. Sometimes it’s best not to know.

With the new season of Glee starting I’ll be able to add a couple of new songs to my iPod. And if anyone has any suggestions, I’ll surf on over to ITunes and take a listen.

3 thoughts on “The Making of a Playlist

  1. I’m in the process of doing the same myself. That is, putting together a playlist. You can try these out, they get me motivated during workouts:

    I usually start with “Wonderful Life – Hurts” and end with “I Remember – Dead Mau5”

    These are thrown in between:
    Danza Kudoru – Don Omar (upbeat and fun)
    Sweat – Snoop Dogg (Questionable lyrics, but if you place them in a gym context it just seems like he’s encouraging you to make the most of your workout ;))
    Rise Up/My Dream is to Fly – Yves LaRock (watching the video clip to this song may inspire you. I always want to jump rope after I see it).
    Lola’s Theme – The Shapeshifters
    Sandstorm – Darude
    Children – Robert Miles (peaceful but inspires you to go faster)
    Dynamite – Taio Cruz
    The Drill-The Drill
    Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson
    Stereo Love – Edward Maya
    This is My Life – Edward Maya

    Hopes these help. I know most are oldies but these are the ones that usually get me moving.

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