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Dying For Redemption – Release Date Set

Courage won out so I’m setting a public release date for my paranormal mystery. This is a big step for me, a self-rescuing princess kind of decision. I’ve debated about redoing this book since it went out of print in 2006 and always convinced myself for one reason or another to just let this book go and write others. I have written other books (an inspirational romantic suspense will be released next month with Desert Breeze Publishing) and decided to move forward and not back, but the urge to give this story another chance grew louder and louder last year. 

In my heart and mind, I realized the greatest risk wasn’t in self-publishing the book and not succeeding … failing … but in continuing to allow others, who judged and shunned me as a person because of the book’s setting, the ‘right’ to determine the types of story I was allowed to tell. Even now, as I’m taking ‘one last look’, I feel the nerves wanting to take over. That voice asking if I’m really, really sure this is what I want to do. If this is really the correct decision.  What if–  The only solution was to take a stand. Pick a date. What ifs will always be there but I won’t let them rule.

My official announcement.

To be released October 5, 2011.

Two bullets in the back give PI Callous Demar an address change to Limbo, and life after death takes on a whole new meaning. Not wanting to indulge in his forced early retirement, Callous opens shop to help the recently murdered.

 When a dame walks into his office, he thinks solving her murder will be a piece of cake, as his two prime suspects are the butler and the husband. He soon discovers the case is far more complicated than he suspected.

 Callous finds his carefree attitude further challenged when he must also find the killer of his grandniece, whose murder might be tied to his own.

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