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Making the List and Checking Budget Twice

Since I seem (okay I am) having a hard time concentrating today, I decided to tackle some of the smaller projects on my to-do lists. Yes, I have lists — three to be exact — as my life has three major areas that need time and organization: writing, home, and volunteer. The only way I can juggle everything is to be able to look at everything with a quick glance. My notebook containing my weekly lists has helped keep me on track and not feel as frazzled.

Today, I’m handling the Christmas Present Organization. For my kids who might have decided to read my blog today … um, no, I’m not going to say what I have bought already or what I plan to buy. The first item for this project is to inventory the presents I have already bought to ensure I don’t over buy. A bad habit I need to keep under control. I like to shop for presents, and every year there is always one person on the list who’s easy to buy for and find great deals on wonderful items that are perfect for them. But, if I don’t keep track of what I’ve bought, the budget could run out before my buying list is complete. In a couple of moments, it be time to write down what I have for who (and hide the list from nosy teens) then note what are some of the wish items for the people still left on my list.

After the inventory is complete and wants are noted, I’ll take a look at what is left in the budget, subtracting some out for my husband to spend on the person on his list. Since I have more time to shop and enjoy it more than he does, I handle the rest of the family with ideas and suggestions from him. We’re doing really good on the budget this year. It helps to start saving in January so I can take advantage on great deals throughout the year when they come up.

As long as I remember where I ‘hide’ the presents. Another reason that I take time to start compiling and hunting down the gifts I’ve already purchased. It might take until Christmas Eve to locate them all. My teens believe somewhere in the house is a wonderful, magical, super-secret hiding  place filled with presents from Christmas past. Which is probably true because there are a lot of things that I remember buying but yet never see unwrapped.

Hmmm … next year I might want to add creating a map to my Christmas Present Organization plan.


2 thoughts on “Making the List and Checking Budget Twice

  1. Christina – I’m glad to hear that you’re more organized than I am. As far as hiding presents for Christmas is concerned, Linda walked into my office about a month after the past one. She said, “What’s that?” I saw her pointing at a corner of the room where a gift I got her and forgot about was hidden in plain site. If I were a little smarter or richer, they might consider me eccentric. Take care, and don’t underestimate those teens.

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