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Confession: I love holiday sweaters!

I love holiday and Christmas apparel! There. I said it. I finally admitted the one secret those friends living far from me won’t realize. Pam … put down the phone. There is no need to call What Not to Wear. I know I don’t have the greatest fashion sense. I own it. I rock it.

The holiday sweater is consistently mocked and ridiculed across message boards and blogs. This year, it’s also a feature of print ads and contests. Show us a picture of your ugly Christmas sweater and be entered to win … well, there are a lot out there and prizes range from cash to coveted items. I shall not be entering into any of those contests because I don’t own any ugly Christmas sweaters. I have pretty sweaters and shirts. Cute. Disney-themed holiday wear. Not ugly.

The funny thing is I’ve never seen anyone else admit to buying, wearing or even liking Christmas/holiday themed clothing. If if no one (well, besides me) likes this mocked fashion statements, why do so many companies make and sell them each year? Someone has to wear them. If the only time people wore these creations was for an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, or as a joke for the annual Christmas photo card, then why do stores run out of sizes on the sparkliest, most bedazzled, and overpopulated with snowmen, Santa Claus and reindeer options available.

I know they run out because many times I  have gleefully rushed over to grab my size in the perfect holiday sweater to find my size sold out. Everyone (who wears the same size as I do) couldn’t have decided the one I liked was THE one to buy for this year’s cards or work party …  mainly because I like the cute styles.

I try to add to my collection every year. Last year, I even bought a Santa hat with a bow and Minnie Mouse ears attached to it. I have worn it already this year even though we are not in Disney. And shall wear it this weekend at our ornament exchange party. One year, I hope I can splurge and have enough Christmas sweaters and/or shirts to wear from December 1st to January 1st. My teenage daughter might not want to shop with me during that time, but on the bright side, I’d save a lot of money.


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