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Holiday Distraction

While I love the joy, cheer and bright, twinkling lights of the holidays, I have found this time of year to be a huge distraction for me when writing. I thought since I’m working on a book set during the Christmas season, I’d stay focus as there is inspiration all around for the story. So far, it hasn’t come true. My holiday to-do list keeps running in my mind as I’m writing and pulling me out of the book. Even the Christmas music, used to set the mood and keep my mind on all things holidays serves as a reminder of all I have to finish before Christmas Day.

It’s not the frantic, scattered, overwhelmed feeling I usually get when I have too much on my plate but this wiggle of excitement and anticipation. Cookie recipes dance in my head as I contemplate what type to make next. I can’t wait to get out the paper, bows and presents and start wrapping up the presents in a lovely presentation to entice (and hopefully using enough tape to keep people from peeking). My mind keeps envisioning what paper to use with which gift, how to artfully arrange (or shove depending how much I bought) into the adult stockings. Just the adults because we all know Santa brings the goodies for those under 18. Since I don’t want any of my children to feel left out (1 is over 18), I need to supplement and do her stocking.

I am thinking that if I ‘switch my schedule’ wrap the presents now and write tonight, I’d have more luck getting both tasks accomplished. I’m trying to remain professional and stick to the work first then play mindset as I’d tell my children.

Wouldn’t you know … after admitting my desire of wanting to ditch work for wrapping presents, the fog cleared and I was able to focus on my book and get some editing done. I still have quite a bit of the book to write, but there were some issues needing worked out before I move forward on the story.


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