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Kindle Fire

When my husband first asked me if I’d be interested in the Kindle Fire, I said no. I loved my regular Kindle, and my Ipod Touch was good for checking my email and listening to music so I was good. What did I need a Fire for? It wasn’t like I needed to watch movies away from home, or get on the internet. And, Angry Birds on the touch was enough of a distraction, imagine the increase of my playing time if it was available on a bigger screen.

For some reason, I was drawn to the reviews of the device and kept popping onto kindleboards.com and reading all the posts about the Fire. I started to regret my hasty decision in saying I didn’t want one. I love to read, except when in the car because I always get motion sickness. I’ve tried to watch a movie but the small screen on the Touch produced the same reaction as reading. When I had used my daughter’s portable DVD player I was fine, so maybe the Fire with its larger screen would work. When I did want to pop on the internet real quick, the words on the Ipod were so small it was hard to read. A Kindle Fire sounded like a wonderful device and I thought I’d actually like one.

Fortunately, my husband never believed I wasn’t a ‘gadget girl’ and after he read about the Fire knew it would be the perfect gift for me. Under the tree this year for me was a Kindle Fire and a wonderful, thick, suede reading pillow. I’m not sure if that is what they’re called but it’s a large pillow with arms that is great for propping me up when I’m reading. Regular pillows never cut it for me and my back always aches after reading in bed for a long time (my preferred reading place). A perfect gift to go along with the Fire. I could spend hours reading and watching movies without getting a back ache. I couldn’t wait to test it out.

I love the Kindle Fire, even more than I imagined. I still use my regular Kindle for reading (don’t want to neglect it) but am not finding reading on the Fire straining my eyes more, which was a concern of mine. I do use the Fire for my library reads because Chris’ Kindle 1 (yes, I’m original in naming my devices) is 3G and library books won’t automatically download to it. But not the Fire. I can click on Chris’ Kindle 2 and in an instant, the book is available on the Fire without having to connect it to the computer. It’s so awesome! (Me and side-loading still run into some issues on occasions)

Then there are the apps. Though, I must warn everyone that apps can be very dangerous. Who knew how much of a time stealer Angry Birds (okay, I knew a little bit about this one) and Fruit Ninja could be? I’m also enjoying testing out all the Prime benefits. I borrowed a book, The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell, and have been enjoying the tv show Downton Abby through the free streaming. Now, I just need to order something and test out the shipping. I’m thinking a case for my Fire would be a great choice. One that stands up so I don’t have to hold the Fire when I’m watching a TV show or a movie. I’ve also read a stylus comes in handy.

Hmm… I wonder if a stylus would help my score on Fruit Ninja? Well, off to go play … I mean use my Kindle Fire. I’d like to learn how to use the other functions the Fire has available.  Maybe, I’ll try loading a document on it. It would be a great way to take works-in-progress with me to do editing when I’m on the go.


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