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SRP Review: Holiday Edition IV: Santa’s Present, Carol’s Christmas, A Christmas Carol

Disclaimer: The reviews I post on The Self Rescue Princess won’t be the usual style of book review that talks about all the points and elements of a novel. My intention is to focus on heroines that I believe exemplify the spirit and character of a self-rescuing princess or are on their way to achieving that status.

During this month, the reviews I post on The Self-Rescue Princess will have a different focus as my reading habits change. From Thanksgiving until the New Year, I only read novels set during the holiday season or have a seasonal theme. The Holiday Edition reviews will focus on the holiday spirit in the stories, and I plan to review more than one book in each post. I decided to go with more than one because I find I read more at this time and I want to share as many holiday short stories, novellas and books that I can during this time frame.

This will be my last Holiday Edition of Self-Rescue Princess Reviews for 2011. I hope everyone has enjoyed these reviews and I will feature a new set of holiday reviews next year. I’ll be resuming the heroine based SRP reviews in 2012 and also plan to add in one non-fiction (self-help or how to) review a month.

Now, on to the reviews:

Santa’s Present by Sue Perkins. This story is a lovely, historical short story set on Christmas day. Velma spends Christmas Day with her family, while she understands why her beau can’t be with her, she longs for his presence. He has given her a present to open but she must wait until that night to open it. I love the warmth and love shining from Velma’s family. Even the stricter sister is shown as a loving person with just a more formal way of interaction with people. The holiday spirit comes through in the way the family treats each other and does their best to make the day bright for everyone. I love the sweet romance between Velma and Jack and want to read their longer story so I can watch it progress.


Carol’s Christmas by Jackie Leigh Allen is a contemporary short story taking place on Christmas Day. For me, the holiday spirit is Carol herself. I love how she is willing to put aside her sadness on not being able to go home for the holiday and focus on doing what she can to make someone’s day brighter. She has a giving spirit which is a characteristic the Christmas season brings out in all. 


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This is one of my favorite Christmas stories and is a re-read. The narrator style of telling the story gives me the feeling as if I’m being read to and is what I love most about this book. The voice used always has me ‘falling’ into the story and I find myself at the edge of my seat, and find myself eager to be ‘told’ the next part of the tale. When I read the story, I always find a line or an ‘image’ I don’t recall and I find myself thinking about and reading that section one more time so I can just soak in the words. This story itself is about holiday spirit, looking past one’s self to others and using what you have to make people’s lives brighter … including your own.

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