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Excerpt: The Faberge Secret by Stephanie Burkhart

For those missing all the wonderful ebooks that they learned about last week during Ebook Week, I decided to extended the celebration a little longer.

Blurb: Elise Goodwin finds herself faced with danger when she learns the Faberge egg she’s bought belongs to a Russian mogul, Dimitri Romanov, but is Dimitri playing a game with Elise’s heart to get his heirloom back?


Elise was cold down to her bones. She flicked her scarf around her neck and glanced at her friend, Lucy Vanowen. Lucy was bundled up to the nines in a thick winter coat, a green and gold knit cap, and Thinsulate gloves. Not even Lucy’s blonde bangs peeked out from under her cap.

 “Burr…” Elise said.

“It’s freezing. You are insane,” Lucy said. “It’s twenty degrees out, and it’s only noon.”

“How do you know?”

“I checked the weather app on my phone.”

“Well, we’re almost there.”

“Let’s hope they have a cappuccino bar.”

What Elise wouldn’t do for a hot drink. She jammed her hands further into her winter coat and walked briskly through the Faneuil Hall marketplace alongside the north market. She was crazy, driving down to Boston so close to Christmas, but Sotheby’s was holding an auction of colonial and European antiques and she was hoping to make a purchase or two for her small heritage museum back in Brattleboro, Vermont. Gently, she ran her gloved hands over the thick wad of hundred dollar bills in her coat pocket. Her small town sensibilities had convinced her to take cash to purchase her antiques, and that may not have been the best idea. While a limited amount of money would keep her honest in her purchases, an uneasy feeling came over her for having that much cash on her person.

The weather was brisk, to say the least. Thankfully, there wasn’t any snow on the ground, but Elise expected some soon. After all, they always had snow for Christmas.

She looked overhead. Gray snow clouds were rolling in from the west. What she wouldn’t do for a vintage colonial flag, a wax vat, blacksmith anvil, or a loom. Elise took another step and walked into someone hard and masculine.

She lost her balance, lunged out, and grabbed the man’s coat. He caught her, but the momentum of her fall drove them both to the ground. He slammed into the cold pavement, taking the brunt of the fall.

“I’m so sorry…” Elise placed her hand on his rock-hard chest and lifted her head only to discover the most stunning pair of cerulean eyes she’d ever seen. Her heart stopped for just a brief second before accelerating to a wild tattoo.

“Elise!” Lucy knelt beside the couple.

“You’ll forgive me, miss, but you seem to have me at a disadvantage.” The man’s voice was deep, yet resonant with the lilt of a foreign accent.

Elise bit her lower lip, pausing momentarily to drink in his handsome, angular features. His lips were firm and sensual, parting into a broad smile to reveal straight white teeth. He possessed thick, tawny-gold hair, and massive shoulders filled his coat. God, he felt wonderful. She gave in to the moment, savoring the contact with him.

“I’m sorry,” she said again, softly.

“Are you hurt?” Lucy grabbed Elise’s arm and pried her off the handsome stranger. Her body ached from the sudden departure of his masculine heat and spicy cologne.

Amusement flickered in his eyes as he got to his feet. “I’m fine. Thank you for asking.”

 Lucy glared at Elise. “Check your pockets.”


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