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I’m in Love … Cover Reveal for Led Astray.

Led Astray is complete. Done. The final copy edit was turned in last Sunday. Even as I breathed a sigh of relief, a little regret filled my heart. I was glad to have a book done. Thrilled to have one less project on my plate so I could focus solely on writing the next book. But, it’s a little sad that I no longer need to spend time with this couple. I’m sure Danita and Riley will have brief appearances in other books in the series, but it’s not quite the same thing. After spending months with them, I feel like I’m saying good-bye to friends I won’t see for a long time.

While I might not see them for a while, I do know something that I will see–The Cover. It’s also an anxious time for me. I’m on pins and needles, obsessively checking my email, to see what the cover designer (for me that’s the super-talented Jenifer Ranieri) will come up with. What will Led Astray look like through someone else’s eyes? Will it invoke the mood I’m going for? Will it say romantic suspense? Will it be love at first sight?

This is the how Led Astray ‘sounds’:

Answering a client’s distress call, skip-tracer Danita Ballinger finds herself battling a mining company executive strong-arming a small rural town and also Pastor Riley Coole who’s determined to show her the error of her ways. When violence invades the town, Riley and Danita must become a united front for the people relying on them for protection.

And this is how Led Astray looks:



I am thrilled! I must answer yes to all of my questions. This image speaks to me in so many different ways. It says everything I wanted it to and so much more. I hope readers are captured and intrigued by the cover also.

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