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Writer’s Block — aka Knee Injury

Who would’ve thought that a knee injury would make it hard to write? An injury to a wrist, finger, hand or an arm are understandable … but a knee? I never realized how important moving around was when I’m working on action scenes. I always knew I was a pacer … I wander around when I’m working out a scene … but never knew it was such an integral part of my process. Until now when I can’t do it and I find myself stalled just when I was ‘in the groove’. 

I’m an actress when it comes to action scenes. I can only see the action clearly enough to write it when I play the role of the hero or heroine and go through the motions (subduing the bad guy, kicking down a door, etc.). I want to make sure that if the antagonist is standing in a particular position that my hero or heroine is approaching them from the correct direction. How else can I know for sure if the scene works?

Right now, unless I want my character limping or hopping along (Wait –that could work in a story, I must take notes on getting around. Or not getting around as the case leans toward), I find the action scenes not as compelling and hard to write. I just can’t visual the description to make it work and not sound clunky or like well … an author is telling a story to the reader rather than the reader watching the action take place.

I might just have to hunt through the house and see if I can find the Rescue Heroes my son had saved for me. Though, I do believe my teen finally gave them all away. I might just have to resort to using Dora, Diego, and Boots and their assortment of critters to work out the climactic scene. Dora and Diego do have a helicopter, SUV and a four-wheeler available for their use. It could make for a very interesting scene.


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