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Led Astray – Release Day

May 1st is here and that means book 2 in the New Beginnings series is now out. I’ll be honest and admit I struggled with the faith message in this book. While it was a topic I felt an intense burden to share, I was scared on how it would be received. Okay, I’m still a little scared and nervous but in my heart I know I needed to write about the tendency to judge others who don’t behave exactly in a manner perceived as how a ‘real Christian’ acts. I hope readers can see the heart of my heroine and hero in the words I have written … and also mine.

Blurb: When a client’s privacy is threatened by a Hatfield and McCoy battle erupting, skip-tracer Danita Ballinger heads to Mourning, WV, hoping to settle the feud before it starts. Danita’s rescuing is seen as interference and improper by Pastor Riley Coole, the target for the mining company’s strong-arm tactics.

Pastor Riley Coole isn’t pleased by the person his uncle hired to ‘help’ the town. The outspoken, brazen young woman isn’t who they need. Riley prefers the calm approach to dealing with the mining company not a fight fire-with-fire plan.

When a murderer targets the key players in the mining war, and retaliation is set into motion, Danita and Riley must put aside their private battle to protect the people relying on them for safety. Will seeing each other in a new light put them on a path of acceptance and true love, or create a further divide ripping apart the town and their own hearts?


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