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Interview: Alice Windsor, heroine from Victorian Scoundrel, The Windsor Diaries, Book 1

Today on my blog, I’m going to talk with Alice Windsor, the heroine of  The Windsor Diaries.

CHRISTINA:  Please tell us a little bit about what is currently going on in your life?

ALICE: It’s modern day England and compressed natural gas has taken over from the coal producing steam machines of the Victorian age. Unfortunately, my mischief making cousin, Edmund, a Prince of Wales, travels back in time to 1851. He meets with our great grandfather many times removed, Prince Albert, with the intent to make a mess. Of course I had to travel back in time to put a stop to it.

Back in 1851 I met Grayson Kentfield, Earl Swinton and the Prime Minister, Sir John Russell. When I’m near Lord Swinton my stomach flutters and my knees get weak. He has some unspoken affect on me that I haven’t felt before. Being near Grayson is a big distraction. I traveled back in time to prevent Edmund from making mischief, but I might be in a bit of a pickle.

CHRISTINA: What made you want your story to be told?

ALICE: Edmund and I are royals. We have a duty to be responsible and not make mischief, but sometimes, when you’re so convinced of what your destiny is, like Edmund, you make questionable choices. Making the right choices is never easy.

CHRISTINA: What lead you to make the changes you did in your life?

ALICE: Edmund is always getting me into trouble. He’s always testing me and I find it’s always a challenge to stay one step ahead of him. What Grayson has taught me is take responsibility for your actions.

CHRISTINA: In your life, what has empowered you?

ALICE: My dyslexia can be frustrating. I’ve worked hard to do overcome the frustration. In that regard, living with dyslexia has taught me to think outside the box, and that’s a very empowering feeling.

CHRISTINA: What are strengths and weaknesses?

ALICE: I think staying true to your convictions is a strength – and a weakness. It can be a weakness if you can’t see that your convictions may take you down a path you can’t handle.

CHRISTINA: Describe what being a self-rescue princess (a strong, confident woman) means to you.

ALICE: In the case of my dyslexia, I want to show others that while it’s a challenge, it is a challenge you can meet. I want to be an example to others – that you can overcome anything if you believe in yourself and your abilities.

CHRISTINA: What one advice/wisdom would you like to pass onto young women?

ALICE: Respect yourself. Respect your mind. Feed it with knowledge. Knowledge is power. Respect your body. It truly is a temple.

CHRISTINA:  Favorite quote or Bible verse.

ALICE: My favorite book in the Bible is Proverbs and my favorite verse is Proverbs 4:23 – “With closest custody, guard your heart, for in it are the sources of life.”

CHRISTINA: If your story had a theme song, what would it be?

ALICE: I love Adele, especially her song “Rumour Has It.” That’s what my life is, one rumour after another. It’s a good thing my father doesn’t believe half of what’s written in the papers. Oh, did I mention my father is the Duke of York?

CHRISTINA: Will you be continuing your journey in written form?

ALICE: Oh, you bet. It seems that despite my best attempts Edmund and I still mucked up the timeline. We’ve got to back to ensure that Keira Russell and Grayson make compressed natural gas a viable fuel alternative. It’s my understanding the book will be called “A Gentleman and a Rogue” and it will be released in NOV 2012.

CHRISTINA: Is there anyone in your life who will be sharing their life?

ALICE: Edmund finally gets a chance to woo Keira in book 2. Thanks so much for having me here today, Christina. It’s been fun.

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