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SRP Heroine Interview Merry Anna Dougal from Charming Champion

Today on my blog, I’m going to talk with Merry Anna Dougal, the heroine from Charming Champion.

1. Please tell us a little bit about what is going on in your life?

When an irrepressible animal activist and an animal cruelty investigator meet at rifle   point in the New Mexico woodlands and disagree on how to proceed, sparks fly. To pragmatic Grady McGrath, animal activist Merry Anna Dougal is trouble.

The former bodybuilder champion can’t wait to get the free-spirited woman out of his life, but first he needs to protect her until he apprehends the mysterious shooter whose rifle sights are centered upon her. What the handsome bachelor hasn’t counted on is becoming a target in turn when love shatters the sanctuary of his heart.

Each has their own agenda. Merry Anna, a biological researcher on sabbatical, rescues woodlands animals, and McGrath works to apprehend the mysterious shooter, following a trail complicated by a dead man, a poacher, and a ring of pet kidnappers.

2. What made you want your story to be told?

There are so many of God’s wonderful creatures out there needing human assistance, and I want to help rescue them, but McGrath’s interference, which he calls protecting me, definitely puts a damper on my planned activities.

3. What led you to make the changes you did in your life?

Screaming may work well once, and I learned to scream very well, but I discovered applying logic does a better long-term job when a man like McGrath is concerned.

4. In your life, what has empowered you?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again to rescue an animal in need. Have you ever tried to catch an injured fox, injured making a dash for freedom? They are so slippery and fast and the woodlands brush provides innumerable shelters for them to hide in.

5. What are strengths and weaknesses?

My strength of having learned as a child to fight for animals is additionally my weakness, because I go about it the wrong way, alienating folks with my unreasonable demands instead of persuading them to stand by my side on issues regarding animals.

6. Describe being a self-rescue Princess (a strong, confidant woman) means to you.

When life tosses you a lemon, it is time to make lemonade. When McGrath interferes with my objective of saving animals in need, I get around his objections with persistence, and when necessary, as a last resort, by ignoring him and marching on to do my own thing.

7. What one advice/wisdom would you like to pass onto young women?

Change can be a tool to use to build new strength. But change doesn’t happen instantly. Like everything else, I had to work at it.

8. Favorite quote or Bible verse –

“For God so loved the world…” John 3:16

9. If your story had a theme song, what would it be?

“You Are My Sunshine,” composed by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell…the line of the song that says “please don’t take my sunshine away” perfectly describes my feelings when I think Grady McGrath is going to send me home away from him.

10. Will you be continuing your story in written form?

I reserve the right to change my muse on this one. My friends have a tendency to tell and/or extend their own stories regardless of what I think.

11. Is there anyone in your life (friend, family member) who will be sharing their life?

Perhaps. I met a veterinarian tech named Aileen Simons. I later learned she wants to follow up on a desire to rescue horses.


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