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Fish Extender Gifts

Okay, I know the first question my awesome readers are asking is what is a fish extender, followed by…and why does it need a gift? A fish extender is a term used in Disney Cruise circles referring to a pocket type bag (or a tote) hung from the fish beside the cabin door. The fish was designed for CM (cast members) to put notes in for guests regarding confirmation of classes and such. Guests turned those fishes into a way to hang ‘extenders’ from to have a little extra fun by doing secret pal gift exchange. It’s not quite so secret as members sign up before hand (usually arranged on a message board dedicated to Disney vacationing), and participators are given the cabin numbers of the other people joining in on the fun. Some people list their room on the gifts they buy/make and others just drop off the gift without letting others know who it is from.

The family (and I) will be going on a Disney Cruise in a few weeks and I decided we’ll be participating in the Fish Extender gifting extravaganza. And I do mean I decided.  I thought it would be so fun to get the little gifts, just an added enjoyment of the cruise, and everyone was willing to go along with me. It probably helped the only requirement from the other family members is to hang up the fish extender outside their door and one member of each cabin (we’re split into 3 rooms) help deliver the gifts. All the putting together of packages and making of items is being done by me, so they are all game. Who doesn’t like surprises and presents left outside their door.

I’ve been working on our gifts (between editing and writing a novel) and wanted a place to show them off. Now, I can’t do it on the FB page or on the message board, because someone on the cruise might also be on that group and they’ll see the gift ahead of time. I decided a good place to show off what I’ve been working on is here. There is something about crafting that makes it not finished until there has been a little oohing and aahing over it.


11 thoughts on “Fish Extender Gifts

  1. Thanks, Larissa. This is our second Disney Cruise (first time just me and husband). If you ever have the chance it’s awesome. The perfect about of Disney for Disney-loving folks and the perfect amount of non-Disney for those wonderful family members who are doing ‘Disney’ for the Disney fans in their life. I have some bookmarks, and thought about including one, but am worried it might be a little too ‘promotional’ for a FE gift.

  2. How did you make the deck plan cards? Where did you get the info? I’m going on the Dream in May and would love to make them for everyone in our group.

  3. How did you make the deck plan cards? Where did you get the info? I’m going on the Dream in May and would love to make them for everyone in our group. Thanks

  4. Hi Lissette, I got the deck plan ‘cards’ from a share on a FB page dedicated to Fish Extenders. A very lovely woman there shared the document she created. I printed the cards and then cut them. After cutting to size, I ran them through a Xyron (used the laminating cartridge). The hardest part was cutting the punch through the laminated cards. To pretty it up a bit, I made the cruise die cut from an image on Pack Your Bags Cricut Cartridge.

  5. Hello –
    We are going on the fantasy April, 2014. I do not do face book but would like the link to the fantasy cheat sheet. If you could please post – thanks!

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