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SRP Heroine Interview – Nichelle Clarke from Front Page Fatality

Today, I’m talking with Nichelle Clarke from Front Page Fatality.

FPF front cover sm1. Please tell us a little bit about what is currently going on in your life?

Crime reporter Nichelle Clarke’s days can flip from macabre to comical with a beep of her police scanner. Then an ordinary accident story turns extraordinary when evidence goes missing, a prosecutor vanishes, and a sexy Mafia boss shows up with the headline tip of a lifetime. As Nichelle gets closer to the truth, her story gets more dangerous. Armed with a notebook, a hunch, and her favorite stilettos, Nichelle races to splash these shady dealings across the front page before this deadline becomes her last.

2. What made you decide to take on such a risky endeavor?

There’s the desire to get the story and scoop the TV station, sure, but it’s more than that: I have a couple of friends over at the PD who have disappeared, now, and I’m worried about them. There’s something fishy going on, and what kind of a reporter would I be if I didn’t put everything I have into finding the truth?

3. Did you ever imagine yourself being involved in fighting crime?

Not even a little bit! I write about people who fight crime, but I generally have the wrong shoes for the job.

4. Who would you say is the least pleased about your additional career choice of amateur sleuthing? Or is detective work your only career?

Oh, that’d be my mother, if she knew what was going on. I love her to bits, but I’m an only child, and she’s a single mom. You do the math. If she knew I was talking to sexy Mafia men and poking around dirty cops, she’d fly up here and sit on me before she’d let me go to work again.

5.  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My weakness is definitely a great pair of shoes, if you mean the kind of things you can’t stay away from. Apparently, sexy men I shouldn’t find sexy rank up there, too.

If we’re talking weaknesses of character, it’s probably that I worry too much.

Strengths? I’m determined, and I’m a good friend. Plus, I know where all the best deals on the cutest shoes are.

6. Describe what being a self-rescue princess (a strong, confident woman) means to you.

It means being like my mother, which I think makes her proud. Taking care of myself, and being decisive and honest. I’m also pretty comfortable in my own skin, after a lifetime of worry that I was too tall or too flat-chested.

7. What one advice/wisdom would you like to pass onto young women?

This kind of follows the last answer: Life is too short to beat yourself up about your appearance. All women are beautiful in some way. Find the thing you love about yourself, and let it be your signature trait. You’ll be surprised how attractive confidence can be.

8. What was one lesson you learned during this challenging time in your life?

Be careful who you trust.

9.  If your story or life had a theme song, what would it be?

That’s a tough one! Lately, probably “Mama Said” by the Shirelles. But in general, I’d say something with a good beat and a memorable tune, like U2’s “Beautiful Day.”

10. Do you plan on dabbling in amateur sleuthing in the future, or have you hung up your detective hat?

Well, I’m not sure what the future will hold, but if another story comes my way that needs investigating, at least I’ll know more about what I’m doing.


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