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SRP Heroine Interview: Jane Colt from Artificial Absolutes

Today, I’d like to welcome Jane Colt from Artificial Absolutes to The Self-Rescue Princess.

artifical absolutes1. Please tell us a little bit about what is currently going on in your life?  

I used to have the most boring life imaginable as an Interstellar Confederation office drone. Then everything went to hell. I witnessed someone kidnapping my best friend, Adam, but when I tried to report it, the police didn’t believe me. Whoever took him did a good job of covering up their crime, and everyone but my older brother, Devin, thinks I’m crazy.

The next day, the police informed me that Devin shot my father. I didn’t believe them. I know my brother, and he’d never do something like that. So I went on the run with him, and now I’m out on the galaxy’s Fringe, flying around in a piece-of-crap ship in search of the truth. Devin thinks the same people who took Adam framed him. I don’t know how, but I’ll stop them. I’ll find Adam, and I’ll prove my brother’s innocence.

2. What made you want your story to be told?

I want to show people a piece of my universe, which is an amazing and dangerous place. It’s not just my story. It’s also Devin’s story, Adam’s story, and the story of the people we run into. We can fly across the stars, settle on different planets, and yet people will always be people. If I’ve learned anything from what’s happened in the past few days, it’s that anything can be fake, including the people around you, and including yourself.

3. What lead you to make the changes you did in your life?

I’ve always had a hard time choosing between what I want to do and what I should do. That’s how I ended up an office worker even though I went to school for music with dreams of being a composer. My father always taught me to choose the smart path, the one that would lead to security and comfort. I tried really hard to listen. But I find that no matter how many times I try to silence the other side of myself, the thing won’t leave me alone. That’s why I left everything behind to run with my brother, even though I might have to run forever. If I were smarter, I would’ve helped the police find him and counted on the system to sort it out. Then again, after what happened with Adam, maybe not trusting the system isn’t such a foolish thing to do.

4. In your life, what has empowered you?

I don’t like the word “empowered.” It implies that I didn’t have power, and someone gave it to me. I, on the contrary, have always been in charge of my own life. Mom used to tell me that, although the funny thing is, she’d then expect me to do what she and Dad wanted instead of chasing my own dreams. Well, I guess the answer to your question would be that it’s just how I was raised, and I’ve always believed that I can do whatever I want. Figuring out what I want is the hard part.

5. What are strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths? I’m stubborn as hell, and maybe a little crazy, but I don’t care what people think of me. I won’t let anyone get away with hurting the people I care about, and I’ll do whatever I can to protect them. Also, I’m a fast learner. I won’t say I’m not afraid of anything, but I certainly won’t let fear get in my way. I’m also pretty good at manipulating people when I need to, although I’m not sure that counts as a strength.

I guess my main weakness would be that maybe I’m a bit too stubborn and crazy sometimes, and I rush into things without thinking. Also, I have this tendency to rant, and it’s gotten me into a lot of trouble in the past.

6. Describe what being a self-rescue princess (a strong, confident woman) means to you.

To me, I guess it means doing what needs to be done and not letting anything stop you, no matter how the odds are stacked against you. There’s no authority that can’t be questioned, and in the end, you’re the only one who can choose your fate.

7. What one advice/wisdom would you like to pass onto young women?

Don’t fret about what others think of you. Seriously. Do what you need to do, even if the media’s out there calling you mentally unstable (like they’re doing to me right now).

8. Favorite quote or Bible verse.

That’s hard! I’ll probably change my mind about it tomorrow, but right now it’s, “Machine logic is no match for human irrationality.” Adam said that to me once. At the time, I made fun of him for being all philosophical, but now I think I know what he means. There are things you just can’t justify with logic, but that you know instinctively are right.

9. If your story had a theme song, what would it be?

My story has a theme song! It was created especially for my story by Project A-Star, and it’s titled, of course, “Artificial Absolutes.” You can find it here:

10. Will you be continuing your journey in written form?

Maybe. Another story has been written about me, but I’m not sure if I want it shared with the universe. It’s not very flattering. Then again, neither is this one…

11. Is there anyone in your life (friend, family member) who will be sharing their life?

Like I said at the beginning, it’s their story too. Devin gets to tell his side of the story in Artificial Absolutes, and so does Adam. And a couple other people we run into, like our hacker pal Corsair and the starship commander who’s chasing us.

Jane’s story can be found at the following places:


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