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The Evolution of the Photo Blocks

I wanted to create something for an auction and saw some cute photo blocks in a magazine. I thought they were perfect, bringing together my love of scrapbooking, photography and writing … the writing in that I intend to take them to a convention to place in the silent auction.

Crafts for Malice 105Since Henery Press has a cute chick as their logo, I wanted to incorporate chicks on the photo block. My first version had these little guys standing at attention on the sides. Well, after a day of these little bright-colored chicks sitting on my desk and staring at me, I knew I needed a different plan. These chicks were making me a little nervous with their little round eyes on me. All the time.

I also wanted a little more decorating. First step was removing the chicks and returning them to their box where the rest of the gang of chicks resided. (Now I have to figure out what to do with the gang.) I pulled out ribbon and other embellishments and experimented.

I liked how a ribbon border on the top gave the project a more finished look so I added it. Of course, I had to try out about six different ribbons before I found the one that worked for each block. Because as crafters know, being the perfect ribbon for one block doesn’t make “you/ribbon” perfect for the next block. The papers and the color of the top of the block were different combinations so each block had to have a little fashion show done. After taking a look at some other blocks, I knew I also needed an embellishment on the front. The blocks just looked a little too “naked” for me.

I pulled out my jar of fabric flowers, layered a few pieces and attached them with a brad. After that, I glued the flower onto the block. The top still needed something (and not the wide-eyed chicks). Fortunately, I couldn’t make up my mind when shopping so I bought another style of birds. After taking a poll on Facebook, I decided on adding ribbons and charms to the wire photo holder.

Photo Block pics 008Snow and crafts 025


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