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SRP Heroine Interview: Carrie from Oracle of Philadelphia

Oracle of Philadelphia Promotional Cover1. Please tell us a little bit about what is currently going on in your life?

I have this talent to see into the hearts and minds of people I meet. I’ve had it my whole life—approximately 8,000 years. The elders of my village sacrificed their souls, and the souls of some the townsfolk, in exchange for my immortal life.

Nowadays I run a diner in Philadelphia, and one day a young man walked in who I knew instantly was one of the kindest, most generous, and all-around best people I had ever met. But he had sold his soul to the archdemon Azrael in exchange for his sister’s life. I couldn’t stand the idea of such a noble person spending an eternity in Hell, so I decided I had to travel down there myself and get Azrael to negate the contract.

2. What made you want your story to be told?

Honestly, I didn’t want anyone telling my story, because I don’t really want people to know about my existence. Could you imagine my life if word got out there was an all-powerful Oracle living in downtown Philly? But I have been assured my story will be presented as fiction, so I should be relatively safe.

I guess I want my story to be told because I think real, every day people deserve to know what the world is really like. Demons are out there every day, bidding for our souls and tempting us to do evil. And angels aren’t the heroes we need them to be nearly often enough. So sometimes the only thing to do is to take a stand for what is right yourself.

3. What lead you to make the changes you did in your life?

Changes? I so rarely make changes in my life. Eight thousand years, and I keep settling into the same pattern. I almost always work in the food service industry, offering advice to people who come by. I’ve been at this same diner for years, and I don’t think that’s likely to change any time in the near future.

4. In your life, what has empowered you?

I suppose I’m most empowered by my special gift. I’m told it’s much easier to navigate social vagaries when you know what everyone around you is thinking. I also have two close friends, Gabriel and Bedlam, whom I can count on to stand by me through just about anything.

5. What are strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths? I would say that I have the sort of wisdom that comes from living a long life and being able to see into the people around me. I have the ability to take things in stride and realize that most things don’t last forever.

As for weaknesses… I get stuck in places, in life. I have this whole long life where I can see history pass. I can see into other people and understand them on a level no one else can. And yet I don’t contribute to the world. I sit by and do nothing. And I don’t quite know how to change, or even if I could.

6. Describe what being a self-rescue princess (a strong, confident woman) means to you.

I’ve lived through many different time periods, during many of which women have been treated as less than equal to men. But in every era I can think of examples of women with great strength. Sometimes they were famous or did things that no woman ever had before, and sometimes they were just ordinary girls who bore with all the terrible things that life brought upon them. I like to think that I have that kind of strength in me as well, but sometimes I am not sure.

7. What one advice/wisdom would you like to pass onto young women?

Appreciate every good moment that you have, because you never know when they might be taken away from you. And in your darkest times, remember that the light will come again.

8. Favorite quote or Bible verse.

“For fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.” – Alexander Pope. Of course, in my experience, there are a lot of places angels are afraid of, and often times someone needs to go in. And if that’s me, well, I guess I’m a fool.

9.  If your story had a theme song, what would it be?

I let Bedlam pick the music, and he says it’s “Hero” by Chad Kroger. I guess that’s fair. I’m not really one to sit around waiting for a  hero.

10. Will you be continuing your journey in written form?

Sort of. The next book in the series will be a little bit about me and what’s going on with my life, but it will mostly be about my friend Bedlam.

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