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Redoing a Scrapbook Album

Pocket Pages Megan baby album 011Not me. Ever. That was the statement I always made to myself when I read about scrapbookers redoing albums. Wasn’t the way I made layouts when I first started as much part of the “history” as the photos and journaling on the page. It showed how I progressed in the hobby and what was hot and trendy … or at least what I thought was awesome … back in the day. Besides, if I redid albums every time my scrapping style changed, I’d be documenting the same pictures over and over again. And there is the likelihood that, like clothing fashion, what was once trendy and is now mocked will become trendy again and the pages will once again look like they did.

To me, it was like rewriting a book after it’s been published. The project is “done” so no use going back and tweaking something that has left the to-do pile. My style has changed since my first book was published in 2002. One did not rewrite a book once it was published so it seemed “wrong” to redo an album, or even a layout, once it was placed into a scrapbook. Not to mention, all those other lonely photo longing for a page/layout of their own.

And then I did the unthinkable–I rewrote a book that had gone out of print. I still loved thedyingforredemption_small characters and most of the plot, but there was one part I didn’t like and cringed at years later. I decided it rewrite that part and also have it edited before I republished it on my own. There were two other novels that were out of print but I wasn’t interested in redoing them. I like those stories and felt they were told the way they needed to be told. And, I’m at a different place with my writing and am content with “letting them go”.

Along came the Project Life way of scrapbooking, or at least it finally got on my radar a few months ago, and I knew it would work perfectly for doing my children’s baby/personal albums. I always wanted to do a scrapbook for each of them separately but have spent my scrapping time working on yearly and event (vacation) albums. I had also started the albums in the 8 1/2 x 11 size and never liked the limited amount of space. My thoughts were always since I started it in that size, I needed to stay in that format.

I kept putting those albums off to the side and decided to go with my heart and redo the albums. One thing I am doing, is keeping as much of the original embellishments from the page that I can. I don’t want to alter the style completely of the pages I did ten years ago, but I want to change the structure to that of the pocket scrapbooking (as I’ve heard it called also). It has “breathed new life” into the project for me. On days that I am really tired, I find that pocket scrapbooking lets me enjoy my hobby as focusing on the smaller spaces is relaxing and manageable while a larger canvas just seems impossible.Pocket Pages Megan baby album 012


2 thoughts on “Redoing a Scrapbook Album

  1. I hear you but I don’t think I could go back and redo an album. Maybe I’ll feel differently one day, too. I’m glad you’ve embraced a method that helps you get projects done.

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