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Preparing for a Crop

Designed PS and crafts 008 I’m leaving tomorrow for a three-day scrapbooking retreat. All of these bags are filled with my scrapbooking supplies and tools for the event. One bag isn’t pictured, the pink duffel bag housing the Cricut Expression, as I was still using it at the time I took the pictures. Oh, and the bag with snacks and drinks is upstairs. Hmm…no wonder my family is wondering if I’m moving. My suitcase is still in my room.

I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about this trip, and also taking my Cricut out. It’s the first time it’s leaving the house. I didn’t have a proper bag for it so it’s never ventured outside. So tomorrow it will take its first trip and it’ll be a long one, a three hour drive. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a weekend scrapbook retreat where I “left” home. I’ve been to a couple of local ones but this time I’m going to be spending a few nights at a hotel.  I’m looking forward to it but also nervous as I’m going alone. I’ve never attended a big scrapbooking event like this on my own. When I went years ago, I always went with a group so this is really outside the box for me.

And after seeing how long it takes for me to get ready (I’ve been packing since Saturday), it’s no wonder it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a weekend retreat away from home. At least with the close weekend crops, if I forgot something I could come back home and get it…or call and ask my husband to bring it. This time, whatever I forget I must do without. Kind of scary.

Now, I must go double-check my bags (and I think I’m going to do a little shuffling of items) then load the car. I’ll be working on a Disney Cruise album this weekend so it was a little easier to pack as I just grabbed everything Disney related…which I have a lot of. I’ll share some layouts next week. Off to… Designed PS and crafts 009

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