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Arrr! Layouts from Pirate Night

Today, I’ll be sharing some of the scrapbook layouts I made at the Heavenly Scrapbook Retreats in Flatwoods, WV. These are some pirate pages from Pirate Night on the Disney Fantasy. (We went on the cruise in November.) I’m going to start off with one of my “simpler” pages. This is a Pirate family portrait.

Pirate Family Portrait The Mickey die cut I used as an embellishment came from a postcard left in our stateroom inviting us to attend a Disney Vacation Club presentation. I cut Mickey from the card using a sharp-tip pair of scissors, taking quite a bit of time to cut around the bandanna. When it comes to Disney items, I’m a collector/hoarder so I brought home pretty much everything left in our stateroom, and what I found around the ship that I was allowed to take. (ex. money thrown during the Aladdin show and Mickey head confetti pieces)

This next page, is from the pirate show. Jack Sparrow showed up to save the Fantasy, and all of us guests, from the “evil” pirates who tried to take over the ship. This was the second pirate show I’d seen (the first one on the Magic in Dec 2010) and I have to say I liked this one better though I missed seeing Mickey coming to the rescue.

Vacation - Morgantown and scrapbook pages 079

The Fantasy is a larger ship, so I think that’s why people on the main deck toward the front of the stage were asked to sit rather than stand. It made it so much easier for those in the back to see. And, I could claim I sat down only because “ordered to” and not that my feet and the heels of my gray pirate boots weren’t getting along.

Pirates in Caribbean Page 2apbook pages 072

In my title, I had Mickey swinging down to save the day even though he didn’t in the actual show. The letters I cut on my Cricut with the Alphalicious font and then used a distressing block on each individual letter before placing them on a blue shadow. Instead of using the small cut circles to dot the “i”, I used a blue pearl gem…because as all know Pirates like treasure.

Vacation - Morgantown and scrapbook pages 076

3 thoughts on “Arrr! Layouts from Pirate Night

  1. I love the blue pearls to dots the ‘i’s! Fantastic idea! It looks like a very fun show. x

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