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SRP Holiday Reading Search is on…

Santa Sees YouIt’s that time of year again for me…my annual reading and watching time (besides the Voice) of holiday fare. For some reason this year, I’m itching to start my holiday reading and movie matching earlier. I haven’t started my reading yet, but I have indulged in a few holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime. I must say, I prefer the Hallmark movies as they fit my personal criteria better for what makes an awesome holiday movie.

I like my holiday angst to be have a light, humorous tone and center around “holiday issues”. I don’t mind some heavy issues, but nothing too heart-breaking (Christmas Shoes in all its forms is not on my list). If I’m going to cry at the holiday, I want it to because my heart was touched by kindness and generosity. It’s a weird quirk of mine that from the week of Thanksgiving through January 6, I want ‘holiday drama’. 

‘Holiday Drama’ are those aggravating issues and situations which only happen around the happiest time of the year–the time of joy, love, and togetherness. The angst over not being invited…or being invited… to the Christmas event of the year, deciding to pare down the holiday madness only to be confronted by those not agreeing with your choice, the neighborhood war of yard decorations, greedy shopper buying the entire stock of the hot item, the Scrooge and the Christmas fanatic running into each other and love wants to blossom…and there’s enough drama to last the whole season long.

As my quest is now beginning, I’d love to hear from anyone with suggestions. And since there are those readers who love more angst filled drama in their holiday reading, please let me know about any of those titles. I’d like to have a holiday reading suggestion list for readers to browse. (Authors, feel free to leave a comment with the title of any holiday/Christmas story you’ve written)

If you go to the Holiday category of my blog, you can find the mini reviews of my holiday reads from the past two years.

Now, off on my search….


2 thoughts on “SRP Holiday Reading Search is on…

  1. I’ll mention my holiday inspirational romantic suspense title, Safe and Sound that is part of the New Beginning Series. It does have non-holiday angst in it.

    And I’ve picked up: A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd, The Christmas Carol Murders by Christopher Lord and A Very Holly Christmas by Sheila Robert

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