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SRP Holiday Review Holiday Edition (Part II): Mrs. Miracle and Call Me Mrs. Miracle

During the holiday season, the reviews I post on The Self-Rescue Princess will have a different focus as my reading habits change. From Thanksgiving until the New Year, I only read novels set during the holiday season or have a seasonal theme. The Holiday Edition reviews will focus on the holiday spirit in the stories, and I plan to review more than one book in each post. I decided to go with more than one because I find I read more at this time and I want to share as many holiday short stories, novellas and books that I can during this time frame.

I hope the holiday season so far has been one of joy, wonder, and happy times for everyone and continues to be so. I also expect it has been a little busy. I don’t know why, but this year it seemed to have snuck up on me. I had thought I had a good plan to get all my holiday preparations done and have plenty of time to read but time escaped from me. It probably didn’t help that I had the flu for about a week which stole away some of my energy, not to mention an online course I was taking. But, I have been able to read two books (and hope to be done with a third tonight).

The first book I read was Mrs. Miracle. mrs. miracleI first heard about this book when I watched the movie on the Hallmark channel a few years ago. It was one of the movies I was on the lookout for every year (along with its sequel). This year, we switched from DirectTV to cable and our area doesn’t get the Hallmark channel. I was so disappointed. Since I couldn’t watch the movie, I decided to read the book. I tried really hard not to compare the book to the television movie but in the end it kept coming to mind.

There were elements of the book that weren’t in the movie which made the book richer and gave the characters more depths, and there was a scene or two (definitely one) that I was glad wasn’t in the movie. The main part of the story stays pretty much the same in the book and the movie and I think if you enjoyed the movie, you’d the book. And, if you didn’t enjoy the movie because you found it a little sappy (which some people find most of the Hallmark, Lifetime, UP, etc holiday movies) then you might enjoy the book instead as it’s richer and delves into the heavier aspects of the situation. This story has a Christmas time setting also a Christmas time message of hope, love and forgiveness. Even though it’s a little heavy (deals with a widower with small children), I still found it to be a ‘feel good’ story.

call me mrs. miracleThe next book I read was Call Me Mrs. Miracle. I enjoyed both of the books with Mrs. Miracle, but will admit that my favorite of the two was Call Me Mrs. Miracle. For me, the second Mrs. Miracle had more of a Christmas story line as part of the plot centers around a toy store at Christmas time and a little boy’s Christmas wish. Like with Mrs. Miracle, there is also a Hallmark movie based on this book. I will also admit there is one element of the book that I like a lot better in the movie than I do in the book and wish it was the same. I don’t want to give it away so won’t say anymore. It didn’t change the story much, but to me it made the Christmas spirit come through more in the movie than in the book. This book left me a little teary-eyed (which is hard to do) and has moved up the list as one of my favorite holiday reads. It had the right amount of emotion, plot, holiday setting and Christmas magic feeling to make it a perfect holiday read for me.

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