Blue Apron Favorite: Spicy Korean Chicken Wings

2015-11-02 18.32.44Or as my husband wanted me to title this post: Winner Winner is this Chicken Dinner. We’d been looking forward to trying this meal since I received our order on Thursday afternoon, and figured Monday (wings are perfect for game day) was the night. We usually cook together, but my husband had to work a little later so I was on my own in the kitchen. The first thing I loved about this meal was the ease in prepping it myself. While the chicken was in the oven, I had plenty of time to prepare the rice cakes and baby bok choy without feeling like I was rushing around. I’m still a slow chopper, so sometimes the other ingredients aren’t ready to toss into the pan with its their turn.

I’ve never cooked rice cakes or baby bok choy and was excited about giving it a try. It might sound a little strange to get excited about using new ingredients but it’s what I love most about Blue Apron. Every week, there’s at least one meal with an ingredient I’ve never used. Learning how to cook different types of cuisines and foods has really brought back my love of cooking. (I’m actually thinking about taking some culinary classes at the local college.)

The chicken turned out perfect with the right amount of char and heat. I had used all of the gochujang and was afraid it would be a little spicy for me. My husband usually likes things a little spicier, and the last time I used less of a spice it didn’t have enough of a kick for him. For this recipe we both enjoyed the heat level. The rice cakes and baby bok choy complemented the chicken wings perfectly. I especially liked the little bit of texture and crunch the sesame seeds gave the side dish.

The only disappoint is that my pictures didn’t turn out. The meal looked delicious. And my husband complemented me on my plating techniques. (We’ve also been watching a lot more Food Network lately.) I had checked the photo on my screen but not in my gallery. If I had, I’d have noticed it was a little blurry as I had touched the lens when I pulled the phone from my pocket. I need to start putting my cell lens down in my pocket as this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.

The Spicy Korean Chicken Wings with Rice Cakes and Baby Bok Choy has pushed two other dishes from our favorite meal slot. My husband’s favorite had been the spicy meatball dish, and mine was the shrimp and grits meal. We both now have the same meal in the number one spot. We’re really hoping this comes up again in the meal rotation.

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