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My 31 Days of Holiday Movies

Holiday Movie CollectionI love holiday movies. Holiday movies are one of the things I love most about this time of year. I love the spirit, and yes the uncomplicated problems which turn into such angst-filled movie plots. While I love dramas, during the holiday season I prefer to watch movies that are a lighthearted.

I’ve always had a couple of my favorites on DVD but wouldn’t have called it a collection. When we switched cable providers and no longer had the Hallmark channel I missed the fun, whimsical, and yes at times cheesy, but always with happy ending holiday movies that were shown every night and all day on Sundays. There are a couple of other networks that run holiday movies (even all day on Sundays), but some of them didn’t have the same lighthearted feel as the Hallmark movies.

I caught a horrible respiratory infection at the beginning of the holiday season last year and really missed my holiday movie binges. To cheer me up, my husband bought me a couple Hallmark movies–and my collection started. (The summer is a good time to snap up holiday movies at a discount on Amazon.)

It was so great to pop in a Christmas movie when the ones on Lifetime or UP just didn’t feel my particular holiday viewing need. When it was time to relocate the holiday movies back downstairs, I realized I hadn’t watched all the movies in my collection. This year, I wanted to make sure I enjoyed all my movies (and my collection had grown since last Christmas) so I created my own holiday movie schedule to include in my Christmas planner. 2015-12-03 12.20.16I will switch them around if I decide I really want to watch a particular one. There are just some days where nothing but Elf or Christmas With the Kranks will do. I love having all the movies written down (and some days have more than one listed) and knowing that I’ll be visiting each set of characters during the holiday season. My family was amused, and I believe a little perplexed, at this addition to my Christmas to-do lists. I already have my cookies to bake list, appetizers for Christmas Eve list, shopping list, decorating list, and now I have created my own holiday movie guide. I know some people find all the planning and to-dos that come along with the holidays stressful, but I love it. I look forward to the day after Thanksgiving as I know it’s time to display and show my holiday/Christmas love. (Bring out the Christmas sweaters!)

GIVEAWAY: If you’d love to start your own holiday movie collection, I’m giving away a copy of Christmas With the Kranks (based on the book Skipping Christmas by John Grisham). To enter, comment with the name of your favorite holiday movie. Currently, I have 46 movies in my collection and would love to make it 50. Help me add some titles to my wish list. I’ll draw a winner on December 7.


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