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SRP Review Holiday Edition (Part II): The Carpenter’s Gift, Lowcountry Bordello, and Unwrapping Her Perfect Match

During the holiday season, the reviews I post on The Self-Rescue Princess will have a different focus as my reading habits change. From Thanksgiving until the New Year, I only read novels set during the holiday season or have a seasonal theme. The Holiday Edition reviews will focus on the holiday spirit in the stories, and I plan to review more than one book in each post. I decided to go with more than one because I find I read more at this time and I want to share as many holiday short stories, novellas and books that I can during this time frame.

carpenter's giftMy house is decked out in its holiday attire, and the books I’m featuring in this edition of my holiday reads all feature great Christmas settings. The Carpenter’s Gift by David Rubel is a children’s tale that tells the story about the Rockefeller Center Tree. Every year I’m including a children’s Christmas/holiday story to read. I find that children stories usually have a sweet holiday spirit message in them that aren’t heavy-handed. What drew me to this book was the lovely illustrations that reflected the time period and Christmas setting beautifully. The pictures are gorgeous and complement the story. I had a real sense of the time and place. I loved learning about the Rockefeller Tree and seeing the act of kindness that started so much good and happiness in a lot of people’s lives.

lowcountry bordelloThe next book I read was Lowcountry Bordello by Susan M. Boyer. This is a mystery that happens around Christmas time. I loved reading all the description of Stella Maris during the holidays and seeing Liz navigating through the regular holiday events on top of planning a wedding–and trying to solve a murder. The mystery is the strongest element of the story and what I enjoyed most about the holiday setting was how it fit into the main storyline without overtaking it or having Christmastime just being a backdrop. The story wouldn’t have been the same if it was set at a different time. I like how Liz’s everyday life was still happening even though it was the holiday time. It’s very much how most of us have to navigate the holiday season.

unwrapping her perfect matchThe last book for this edition is Unwrapping her Perfect Match by Kat Latham. This is book is set during the holidays and starts with our heroine Gwen going to a fundraising auction to bid on a rugby player. Gwen has instructions on who to bid on but all doesn’t go as planned as meeting a handsome rugby player changes her mind. I loved the holiday descriptions in this book and they made me want to go to London one Christmas. It was a sweet love story and I have to admit it’s one of my favorite endings in a romance. Just a little note (disclaimer if you will) that this is a sexy story so if you prefer sweet reads (no sex on the page) then you might want to pass on this on or skip those sections.


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