What Next?

All books TalkI have spent the last few hours typing and then backspacing away what I wrote. Changed topics. Thought about other ones and none turned out to be what I really wanted to say. And that, my blog readers, pretty much sums up the writing experience for me since I turned in Dash Away All back in March. I’ve started a new book then stopped as I couldn’t get further than a few pages before I drew a blank and hated everything I typed. I’ve tried outlining and nothing. I’ve even gone back and started editing unpublished manuscripts and I get into them for a while before losing interest.

I don’t know if it’s just 2020 and all that has come and been taken away by this conundrum of a year or the fact that for the first time in a long while, I don’t have a book contract. There is nothing guiding me as there is no book I need to write next. It’s all up to me.

Do I continue one of the series I have written and self-publish? Do I finish up a book that is a third of the way done and I had put aside years ago–but I still think about? Do I start an entirely new book (I have a few “want to write next” ideas in a file), and if so series or standalone? What genre? I have ideas for mystery, suspense, inspirational romantic suspense, romantic suspense, paranormal which kind of falls into the mystery genre but also leans toward suspense (this is the put aside project from years ago).

I have put writing to the side the last few months as I’ve been a caregiver and virtual school monitor for my grands, hoping that would help clear my mind but my muse is still confused. The only thing I know is I miss writing. It’s always been my go-to way of making sense of stuff and working through stresses and if this year has been anything it’s definitely been a stress.



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