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SRP Heroine Interview: Paisley Sutton from Engaged in Trouble

engaged in trouble large banner640I’d like to thank my readers for stopping by today. We have Paisley Sutton visiting with us.

Engaged-in-Trouble-Kindle1. Please tell us a little bit about what is currently going on in your life?

I shot to stardom as a teenage rock sensation, but ten years later, let me tell you, that star has fizzled out, just like my bank account. When I unexpectedly inherit my aunt’s wedding planning business, I leave the glamor of Los Angeles for a charming small town in Arkansas. Thinking I’ll arrive in Sugar Creek and liquidate the moldly property, I’m shocked to find Enchanted Events has experienced a major makeover and is now the place for brides. I’ve got two months to keep Enchanted Events afloat if I want to sell and rekindle my music career with the profits.

I’m tossed into a world of vows and venues, but my most difficult challenge comes in the form of one demanding bride. When this Bridezilla’s found facedown in her cake, all fingers point to me as the prime murder suspect. And I do not look good in prison orange.

This former pop princess will need the help of my gun-toting, ex-CIA grandmother and my handsome neighbor, Beau Hudson, to unravel the mystery and clear my good name. As me and my unruly posse dig into Bridezilla’s life, I’ll discover the woman had a long list of enemies. The closer I get to the truth, the more my own life is in danger.

Love is in the air this wedding season, but before I can help the ladies of Sugar Creek say, “I do,” I’ve got to unveil a killer. Or find myself the next target.

2. What made you decide to take on such a risky endeavor?

Desperate things happen when you hit rock bottom and go totally broke. My pop career’s in the toilet, and it’s gonna take money to get back in and reinvent myself. It was a total surprise when I learned I’d inherited my great-aunt’s weird little wedding planning business, but now that this Arkansas small town has reinvented itself, downtown properties bring in some serious cash. So my plan was to run the business long enough to fulfill the will demands, then sell and get back to Los Angeles as quickly as possible. What could possibly go wrong?

3. Did you ever imagine yourself being involved in fighting crime?

Never! But I also never imagined myself the prime suspect in a murder. If these are typical happenings at rock bottom, I’m totally ready to climb back up. I’ll do anything to clear my name, so I’m lucky I have my grandmother and her sidekick on my team, who ladies who are newly retired CIA and bored enough to cause some serious trouble.

4. Who would you say is the least pleased about your additional career choice of amateur sleuthing? Or is detective work your only career?

My parents are these Tony Robbins motivational-type speakers who travel the world. My two siblings are total brainiacs. And then there’s me—the artist, the mess-up, the one who just can’t compete. Or can I? My parents are definitely not on board with my new career choice of event planner or my attempt to Jessica Fletcher my way out of a murder conviction, but I’ve got just enough of my grandma’s wild streak in me to see this through and prove my innocence.

5. Describe what being a self-rescue princess (a strong, confident woman) means to you.

Look, I can’t go to prison. I look terrible in stripes. A bridezilla dropped dead while in my care at Enchanted Events, and everyone assumes I did it. Yes, she might’ve been engaged to my former fiancé, a man who left me at the altar once upon a time. And yes, I might’ve threatened him when I came back to town. But I wouldn’t kill anyone. (Though she was obnoxious and has a lot of enemies.)  With a CIA hero of a grandma, I’ve been raised to be independent and resourceful. Plus desperation makes me scrappy. It might be all I need to solve this case.

6. What one advice/wisdom would you like to pass onto young women?

Don’t threaten ex-fiancés. At least not in public. With witnesses. One minute I’m shooting my mouth off, and the next I’m trapped in a bad Lifetime movie.

7. What was one lesson you learned during this challenging time in your life?

That I’m tougher than I thought. After losing my pop career and all my money, I kind of went in a spiral of depression. Coming home to Sugar Creek was the last thing I wanted to do, but it was exactly what I needed. I needed the support of my family and to reground myself in my roots. I also learned the boys you couldn’t stand as a kid might grow up to be hunky men who help you out when you need it most.

8. If your story or life had a theme song, what would it be?

My band the Electric Femmes had a number one hit with songs like “Tutti, Fruity— My Boo’s Got a Fine Bootie,” but that’s never seemed very relevant to any life moment I’ve ever encountered. I guess I’d say “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. Being accused of murder has made a fighter out of me for sure. And it’s time to take back my life and not be a “Where Are They Now” type of pop star. No more washed up rock princess for me.

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
Starting right now I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

9. Do you plan on dabbling in amateur sleuthing in the future, or have you hung up your detective hat?

I sure didn’t expect to put on my Sherlock Holmes hat again, but in book two of the Enchanted Events series, Royally in Trouble, my good friend, war hero, and resident hottie Beau Hudson finds himself under suspicion when his estranged uncle comes to town with the Renaissance faire and turns up dead. I can’t let all my new found sleuthing skills go to waste, can I? Royally in Trouble will be out in mid-August, and it’s a lot of medieval, Southern fun.