SRP Heroine Interview: Jen Ward from Number’s Up

NUMBERS UP BANNER 820Today, we’re meeting Jen Ward.

Number's UpJennifer Ward’s To-Do List:

1) Turn in my business partner and his lying, cheating, law-breaking client to the SEC for insider trading.

2) Cooperate with the FBI. Do not kiss— scratch that. Do not yell at Special Agent Nicholas Kelly, the FBI agent leading said investigation.

3) Discover a dead body…

Jennifer Ward, MBA, CPA, and business consultant, likes a nice, orderly lifestyle. Schedules and To-Do lists are what get her through the day. So when the by-the-numbers fashionista finds her business partner was breaking the law, she turns him in to the SEC. Which brings the FBI to her door, and her ordered world to an end.

But that was three weeks ago. Things couldn’t possibly get worse. Right?

Until Jen discovers her business partner dead in his hotel room. With Nic the handsome FBI agent dogging her every step, Jen must use her skills to discover the truth. Who killed Henry? And will she be next?

What made you decide to take on such a risky endeavor?

He was my partner. Yeah, he might have ruined our business and caused the FBI to investigate me, and… Okay, maybe it was the grief that made me do it. Logic would suggest not getting involved.

Did you ever imagine yourself being involved in fighting crime?

No. No fighting. We have gone over this. I’m supposed to stay away from guns, and ranting at the bad guys. I’m not like Lark. I listen. Most of the time.

Who would you say is the least pleased about your additional career choice of amateur sleuthing? Or is detective work your only career?

I’m not making this a career… it’s more of a side hobby. That I don’t tell people about.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I’m smart. I’m an incredible CPA and business consultant. I’m logical and organized. And maybe a little lost. But only a little.

Describe what being a self-rescue princess (a strong, confident woman) means to you.

It means I get the job done, no matter what happens. I do what’s right, no matter the cost. I depend on me.

What one piece of advice/wisdom would you like to pass onto young women?

Don’t let one thing over take your life completely. It’s easy to prioritize work over your life, but then you might end up a stressed out ball of anxiety that never has food in there fridge. Don’t end up stressed out and foodless, buying shoes to make herself feel better.

What was one lesson you learned during this challenging time in your life?

Money does not give you security.

If your story or life had a theme song, what would it be?

The Champion by Carrie Underwood

Do you plan on dabbling in amateur sleuthing in the future, or have you hung up your detective hat?

Well, there wasn’t supposed to be any other plans…

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SRP Heroine Interview: Larklyn Davis from Stir Up

STIR UP BANNER 820Please welcome Larklyn Davis to the Self-Rescue Princess.

STIR UPAfter her last brush with murder, Larklyn Davis is relieved to be spending her time with the talented new horse at her stables instead of tripping over body parts. While she’s trying to figure out why her newest horse has lost his mojo, she’s also puzzling over her relationship with the brooding, uncommunicative Detective Brecken Wilson.

But then, disaster strikes, and both Lark’s reputation and business are on the line. Once again she finds herself pulled into a murder case and in close proximity to the handsome detective. Throw in a dashing veterinarian plus a matchmaking town, and Lark’s life spins out of control. As clues pile up and all evidence leads back to her barn, Lark gets saddled up to solve another mystery.

Who knew life in Barrow Bay would stir up so much trouble?

What made you decide to take on such a risky endeavor?

Wait, I had a choice? Can we go back to that moment? Because I would like to un-chose.

Did you ever imagine yourself being involved in fighting crime?

No. I train horses. That’s risky enough. If I wanted more thrills, I’d ride eventing.

Who would you say is the least pleased about your additional career choice of amateur sleuthing? Or is detective work your only career?

My Gran, but Brecken’s a close second. Both are very good at reminding me that it’s a really bad idea. Not that bad ideas have ever stopped me from doing something. If they had, I wouldn’t have married my first husband.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Um, sarcasm and gossiping? Are those strengths? Because I can confirm that they can be weaknesses. I also don’t know how to throw a punch. I really need to figure that out.

Describe what being a self-rescue princess (a strong, confident woman) means to you.

Um, I guess it means female? I mean, what’s the point of waiting around for someone to rescue you? That sounds like a good way to get dead. Plus, taking care of it yourself is so much faster and more efficient. Get in, do something stupid, save yourself, get out. Not a great plan, but it’s worked for me.

What one advice/wisdom would you like to pass onto young women?

Be you, be strong, be unafraid. Drink more coffee.

What was one lesson you learned during this challenging time in your life?

Love isn’t something to fear.

If your story or life had a theme song, what would it be?

Zero, from the Wreck-it-Ralph movie. But that might be because I don’t listen to anything other than kid’s music these days. Or maybe Let It Go. I sing that to Hailey a lot. Yeah, let’s go with Let It Go.

Do you plan on dabbling in amateur sleuthing in the future, or have you hung up your detective hat?

I never plan on anything… but it happens. It will be happening again this fall. 😉


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SRP Heroine Interview: Jolie Tucker from Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread Murder


The Self-Rescue Princess took a bit of an unexpected hiatus. Nothing earth-shattering happened, fortunately, just trying to juggle too much at one time and getting lost in one project and (unfortunately) forgetting about others.

To get back into the swing things, today I’ll talking with Jolie Tucker from Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread Murder . Here’s a little bit about what’s going on with her life:

JalapenoMurder_cover_hi_res_1563x2500 (3)Welcome to Leavensport, Ohio where DEATH takes a delicious turn!

Financial fraud of elderly villagers in Leavensport, an urban sprawl threat to the community, disastrous dates, cross-sell marketing gone wrong, and another murder? Jolie Tucker is ready to try dating again. Well, she has no choice—since her family auctioned her off to the highest bidder. Her best friend, Ava, has agreed to a double date, but both friends find out hidden secrets about their partners as well as deception by one of the village’s own, who will soon be found dead. This plot is sure to be spicy!

What made you decide to take on such a risky endeavor?

I had no choice. I am semi-involved in a relationship with Detective Meiser. My friend, Bradley, was a suspect and my friends, The Seevers, are suspects as well. I couldn’t say no to my elder, Mrs. Bea Seevers, when she asked me to help her and Earl out.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I’m a great cook—I love creating recipes for cast iron skillet cooking. I’m introverted which I believe many see as a weakness, but it’s who I am and I’m okay with it. Investigating does get me out in the public more—but I still try to keep a low profile as best I can—sometimes that works for me and sometimes it works against me.

Describe what being a self-rescue princess (a strong, confident woman) means to you.

You know, I see what other people consider to be heroes. I don’t define hero in the same way as most. I think being a hero is being true to one’s self and not settling nor allowing yourself to feel selfish because you do what’s right for you and take care of yourself. A hero can just as easily put themselves in other peoples’ shoes too. I find myself feeling for not only the victims but the villains too. There is always a reason for why people do what they do.

What one advice/wisdom would you like to pass onto young women?

I’d give three quotes from one of my favorite writers, Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Self-trust is the first secret of success.”

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

“To be great is to be misunderstood.”

Don’t let other people decide who you are. That’s my quote.

Do you plan on dabbling in amateur sleuthing in the future, or have you hung up your detective hat?

Thanksgiving is coming up and I hear that there is some trouble brewing. Find out 11/18/19 when Turkey Basted To Death comes out.

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New Covers and Paperbacks Now Available

Well, I finally did it. I was able to create paperback versions for the New Beginnings series. For those new to my blog, the New Beginning Series is an inspirational romantic suspense series i wrote featuring a group of skip tracers who help “vanish” abused and stalked women. The series was originally published by Desert Breeze Publishing who closed their doors June 2018. I had re-released the ebooks myself and have been working on creating paperbacks for them.

And now that project is done! The most difficult part of the project was doing the wrap around book cover. It took me weeks to get all five perfect so they’d be approved by Amazon. When I started making the covers, I didn’t like how the original “new” cover looked for a paperback so I created new covers to use with both ebook and paperbacks.

I’ve been waiting to them off once the books were linked, but weeks later, not all of the editions are linked together so I decided to just show them off now anyway. I’ll include the link for the paperback and ebook edition if needed. The ebooks are currently only available on Kindle and are in the Kindle Unlimited Program.

And now…the new covers!

Lost Then Found colorSkip tracer Renee Stratford-Knight’s life plan changed upon her sister’s murder. Instead of using her skills to find people, Renee opened New Beginnings a firm specializing in “vanishing” abused women. Now her ex-husband –and former business partner – Jonas Knight reenters her life asking about her most vulnerable client.

In order to uncover the secret a teenage girl disappeared to keep, and a killer wants silenced, Jonas and Renee must struggle through distrust and the pain of their pasts to work together to save the life of a teenage girl – and their own.



Led Astray colorWith a battle brewing between the off-the-grid towns of Mourning and Haven, WV, skip tracer Danita Ballinger races to the area before the lives of her “vanished” clients are jeopardized.

Pastor Riley Coole isn’t interested in a mining company’s offer of jobs and a new spiritual home for the community in exchange for the mountaintop where the church resides. To Riley, the church is never up for sale. As word gets out about the promised jobs, his refusal ignites a war between two towns. Adding to Riley’s problem is the brazen woman who charged into town and forced her way into his church’s business–and his thoughts.

The murder of a key player in the tug-of-war over the mountain puts plans of retaliation into place. Danita and Riley must put aside their private battle to protect the people relying on them for safety. Will seeing each other in a new light put them on a path of acceptance and love, or create a further divide ripping apart the town and their own hearts?

Ebook and Paperback:

Safe and Sound colorFive years ago, Connor’s new bride Hannah lost her way in a blizzard and the mountain claimed her. When a woman’s body is uncovered during a landslide, Connor learns his beloved was murdered and the man responsible goes on the run. Connor enlists the aid of his cousin, a skip tracer, to track down the killer and discovers the murderer has set his sights on another woman. Determined to save the woman from the same fate as his beloved wife, Connor has her brought to Haven and faces the second biggest shock of his life—the woman claims she’s Hannah.

The murderer who sent Hannah Stratford on the run has tracked her down. For years, she has lived off the identity of her lookalike best friend. Now, the only way to stay alive is for Hannah to prove she didn’t die in a blizzard. Connor offers her safety and protection in his home, but keeps his heart guarded from her. Hannah wants more than to save her life. She wants Connor back. How will her husband react once he learns she not only left on her own, but hid her friend’s death to save herself? Can Hannah ever find true peace in her life or will she always be on the run?



Long Gone colorReporter Eve Darling has the story of a lifetime. Years ago, a man and his brother had connived a baby away from a teenage mom and plan–and that man is now running for Governor. Without the source’s name, her boss refuses to the run the story, and Eve isn’t willing to give up the name of the victim–herself. Fearing the men who ruined her life have set their sights on another young woman, Eve turns to skip tracer Alex Stratford to help locate and protect the new intended victim.

Alex is stunned when Eve requests his help. The woman who once accused him of murder now accuses another man of a crime. Having battled Eve’s mudslinging himself, Alex refuses to work with her. Determined to bring the brothers to justice, Eve continues the mission alone. When she’s attacked, Alex rushes to her aid–and a decision alters lives forever. Can a battered and discredited Eve and a battle-scarred Alex ever feel worthy of love?

Ebook and Paperback:

Far and Away colorPriscilla Thorn’s heart broke when her son killed his wife, and now shatters when her son takes his own life. Believing her son would want his father at his funeral, she informs her ex-husband–the abusive man she ran from decades ago. Stephen Thorn drops a bombshell, his life is ebbing away and he has no one to care for him. Priscilla believes for Samuel to receive forgiveness from the Heavenly Father, she must give it to Samuel’s earthly father.

Edgar Fritz is stunned when the woman he loves takes her dying ex-husband into her home. While Priscilla sees caring for her ex-husband as showing God’s love, Edgar believes Stephen has an ulterior motive and will use the opportunity for revenge. Edgar risks losing Priscilla’s friendship by insisting the man hasn’t changed his ways.

Is Priscilla endangering her life by insisting her ex-husband changed, so the world — and God — will know her son had changed?

Ebook and Paperback:




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SRP Heroine Interview: Carissa Shae from Herbs and Homicide

HERBS AND HOMICIDES BANNER 640Today, we’re welcoming Carissa Shae to The Self-Rescue Princess.

herbs and homicidePlease tell us a little bit about what is currently going on in your life?

A regular customer, a faerie woman named Miss Morgan, passed away in my shop, the Seelie Tree Apothecary. Sal and I tried to save her, as a pharmacist and a half-elf I should have been able to do something, but I didn’t have the medicine or magic to figure out what was wrong and save her in time. Poor Sal was just there to get some herbs for Hela’s engagement dinner. There was nothing he could have done. I know Miss Morgan wasn’t the most popular faerie, but she helped me once and I think she had a good heart for all her flaws. It looks like it wasn’t natural causes, which means there’s a killer somewhere in Moss Hill. I’m trying to help catch him or her.

What made you decide to take on such a risky endeavor?

I trusted the sidhe guard – the faeries in charge of investigating fae crimes – to find out what happened to Miss Morgan, but I think they’ll just settle on an easy suspect: Me. It was my shop after all. Of course I’m not guilty, but I think that sort of makes it my responsibility to help Miss Morgan since I couldn’t save her. If the sidhe won’t find the real killer, I think the least I owe Miss Morgan is to catch the culprit myself.

Did you ever imagine yourself being involved in fighting crime?

Never! I’d rather not be involved either, but I’m worried the people of this island might be in danger, the mayor’s helpless because it’s faerie jurisdiction and the sidhe don’t like to listen to humans.

Who would you say is the least pleased about your additional career choice of amateur sleuthing?

Other than myself? That would have to be Cam. He’s a good friend whose boss pushed him into helping me. He can’t exactly say no, since his boss is the mayor. Truthfully, I doubt he’d have said no anyway. He makes a fuss, but he’s always there for me.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I do whatever I can to protect my friends and family, but I tend to take the world on my shoulders when I should trust others to help.

Describe what being a self-rescue princess (a strong, confident woman) means to you.

It doesn’t take a brush with death to rescue yourself in life. Working a job, owning a shop, raising kids, helping friends, all of it takes strength. Being a self-rescue princess means finding your own inner power to face whatever challenge life presents with a strong will and the belief that you will overcome every obstacle.

If your story or life had a theme song, what would it be?

Fight Song by Rachel Platten would definitely be my choice.

There’s a lot I didn’t say or haven’t done perfectly. I would redo it now, but that’s not how life works. I’m not going to dwell on the past, but I have a lot of fight left for the future.

Do you plan on dabbling in amateur sleuthing in the future, or have you hung up your detective hat?

I wasn’t planning on being a sleuth in the first place. I received a note from a woman named Raven Corvus saying Moss Hill was in danger. I didn’t realize at the time that she might have been warning about Miss Morgan’s death. Or could she have meant that there is more crime to come?  I can’t know for certain, but I must protect my friends and family, and my hometown, from danger. Or else, what kind of self-rescue princess would I be?

Check out the rest of the series:

Book 2: Remedy and Ruins

Book 3: Elixirs and Elves

Book 4: Charms and Changelings


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Release Day: Not A Creature Was Stirring

It’s here! Release day! Not A Creature Was Stirring is the first book in my new series featuring Merry Winters, a crafterpreneur who specializes in all things Christmas.

notacreaturewasstirringEmpty nester Merry Winters loves three things: Christmas, crafting and her family. To regain purpose and joy, Merry hits the road to a Christmas vendor event with her furry sidekick Ebenezer in her new mobile crafting sleigh, aka an RV.

But it soon turns into the nightmare before Christmas when Merry unwraps her Scrooge of an ex-husband’s body in one of the RV’s compartments. Add to that his missing winning lottery ticket believed to be stashed somewhere in the RV, leading the homicide detective and Merry’s stepdaughter to believe Merry is the one whodunit.

With visions of prison dancing in her head, will Merry be able to solve this Christmas calamity before she’s locked away?

I’ll be on a blog tour from January 21-Feb 3 2019. Here’s where you can find me:

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January 31 – Mystery Thrillers and Romantic Suspense Reviews – SPOTLIGHT

February 1 – View from the Birdhouse – SPOTLIGHT

February 1 – MJB Reviews – REVIEW

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February 3 – A Blue Million Books – GUEST POST

Stop by my tour spots to learn more about me, Merry, and also to enter into a giveaway.

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SRP Reviews: Holiday Edition (Part III): A Very Meryton Christmas, A Family for Christmas, and All I Want For Christmas

During the holiday season, the reviews I post on The Self-Rescue Princess will have a different focus as my reading habits change. From Thanksgiving until the New Year, I only read novels set during the holiday season or have a seasonal theme. The Holiday Edition reviews will focus on the holiday spirit in the stories, and I plan to review more than one book in each post. I decided to go with more than one because I find I read more at this time and I want to share as many holiday short stories, novellas, books, and movies that I can during this time frame.

Between traveling during November and December and editing a book, I didn’t get as much reading done this holiday season as I like. I’m hoping next–or rather this–holiday  season year I’m able to indulge more in my passion of reading Christmas/holiday themed stories. Here are the last three books I read this year:

a very meryton christmasA Very Meryton Christmas by Olivia Kane. This Christmas tale features Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth isn’t happy to find out that Mr. Darcy, who hasn’t been kind to her, will be in Netherfield Park during the holiday season, she is despondent, fearing his presence will ruin Christmas for her. At first, she vows not to spend any time where she might run into and later allows the Christmas spirit dictate her treatment of Mr. Darcy. This was a lovely story set during the Christmas season and also filled with the spirit of the holiday.


a family for christmasA Family for Christmas by Mona Ingram. With the holiday season about to start, Maddie finds herself without a job. Instead of her being let go putting a damper on her life, she uses it as a springboard to start a gift-wrapping and shopping helper business. This book had plenty of Christmas spirit and I enjoyed getting to know both couples (dual romance story) and the niece of the heroes in the story. There was plenty of angst Christmas angst, meaning not anything traumatic…unless you count the fact the niece is an orphan but her parents death happen off-screen and not during the story.

I love both of the couples in the book, though I do wish that each had their own book as I’d have loved to have more time to spend with each couple. The story was heartwarming and very reminiscent of a Hallmark Christmas movie…so if you enjoy those movies, you’d like this story.

all i want for christmasAll I Want For Christmas by Sheila Roberts. Susan Carpenter, aka Suzi Christmas delights her town with the over-the-top Christmas display she erects in her front yard every year–except for one of her neighbors and the new landlord of the house next-door. Suzi’s love of Christmas starts to lose it sparkles when she finds her light display threatened by those that wish Christmas wasn’t so bright.

When Luke Potter, the landlord, loses his renters because of an obnoxious Christmas display, he teams up with his godfather who also happens to be a neighbor who dislikes the lights as much as him. It isn’t long before Luke, aka Scrooge, regrets his decision but finds himself unable to veer from his bah humbug path.

This was my favorite book this Christmas season. I loved how Susan fought for what she believed in and kept her Christmas spirit alive even though at times it dimmed a little, nothing kept Susan down, especially when it came to sharing the joy of the holiday with her family and town. I’m off to see if there’s a story featuring Luke’s brother as I grew to like all the characters in the story…well except for the grinchy neighbor.