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SRP Review: The Victorian Scoundrel by Stephanie Burkhart

Disclaimer: The reviews I post on The Self Rescue Princess won’t be the usual style of book review that talks about all the points and elements of a novel. My intention is to focus on heroines that I believe exemplify the spirit and character of a self-rescuing princess or are on their way to achieving that status.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve done a Self Rescue Princess heroine review. I’ve been so caught up in writing, and learning (reading how-to books), that I’ve allowed fiction reading to take a distant back seat. No more, I say. No more. I miss my pleasure reading … especially getting to know new ‘self-rescuing princess’ heroines.

After a long time of not taking time to read a book just for enjoyment, I started Victorian Scoundrel by Stephanie Burkhart (a fellow Desert Breeze author).

Alice Windsor. Princess of York, was born in present day and travels back to 1857 with her cousin to keep an eye on him. She’s a little suspicious of what he is up to and we come to find out her hunch was right. Alice has a very understanding and protective nature. She is a young woman who won’t stand by and allow those she cares about make bad decisions and wait for them to suffer the consequences … even if helping means stepping in and risking getting in trouble herself.

I loved that Alice remained true to her beliefs, but also respected the time she was in. Alice would get a little annoyed by some people’s behavior but  instead of getting angry, she reminded herself it was the custom and way of the time period she entered.

This is the type of self-rescuing princess I strive to be, one who stands up for herself without being disrespectful to others. And also one who is able to recognize when a situation is more about the customs rather than it being a personal insult or attack. I can’t wait for the second book in this series and spend some more time with Alice (and Edmund her trouble-seeking cousin).

NOTE: Just wanted to let readers know that this book does have some steam (heat)  to it.

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