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The Winner is…

The beautiful esleeve will be leaving here and heading to Bridget Howard. Congrats! I hope her Kindle is excited about its new outfit, and also the new book that can be read on it.

Thank you to everyone for coming by and celebrating my new release, not only to those that entered the giveaway but all those readers that just wanted to come over and take a look.

Now, I must go and sew and see if I can make my Kindle (okay Kindles, I don’t want one of them to think the other is my favorite) a new outfit. It will be a learning experience for me, but what else does a self-rescue princess do but take on new challenges. If it doesn’t turn out the way I’d like, I know I can get a beautifully made one from Personal Bags by Patricia.

Ohh…I wonder if there is Angry Birds fabric. Dragon would love to wear an Angry Birds outfit.


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